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There are seven brick-and-mortar casinos in Atlantic City that offer online gambling. The certificate holder, however, has the option of launching multiple “skins” in partnerships with external gambling brands.

There are now nearly two dozen legal online casinos in New Jersey and the interest for the online casino gambling keeps growing in NJ. Today we got the opportunity to talk to Great.com – that is a Swedish casino affiliate  that works with the NJ casino market as well. Keep on reading to hear what they had to say about the subject. 

Online gambling laws in New Jersey

First we wanted to know a bit more about the laws and regulations around the online casino business in New Jersey. Here is what Great.com had to say about it. 

Online gambling has been legal in New Jersey since 2013, when online casino sites became legal there says Great.com. We can also see that other states are following in New Jersey's footsteps today.

If you're 21 years old or older and within state borders, you can play at online casinos. Revenue from gross gaming is subject to taxation. As of August 2018, online and mobile sports betting were also legalized Great.com tells us. 

How are you working with the NJ online casino market? 

Our next question to Great.com was about them, what they do and how they are involved in the online casino market in NJ. We are a casino affiliate that have a website with nj online casino reviews and information about several NJ online casinos. 

We are also working for climate change and donate money from our revenue to various funds that works for the climate and the environment says Great.com.

We always try our best to provide people from NJ with the latest news and casinos to play at, as well as present bonus offers and promotions on our website Great.com says. 

Can NJ players take part in bonuses and promotions? 

Our last question to Great.com is if the players in NJ are offered any bonuses and promotions at the online casinos. NJ online casinos wouldn't be complete without some casino promotions and bonuses available says Great.com. 

Free spins, match deposit offers, and welcome bonuses with low playthrough requirements are common for players at NJ online casinos. New Jersey online casinos offer players some type of bonus at almost all times. 

With a casino bonus code, you can earn free spins or money. You can claim a welcome bonus right after signing up, and it's the simplest and biggest bonus, and the most common. Most of the bonuses in NJ has relatively low wagering requirements as well says Great.com. 

With that said, we want to thank Great.com for participating in this interview and for giving us a lot of good answers to our questions. We hope to see them again and we wish them good luck with their work on the NJ casino market.